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The centerpiece of the GoToCampaign Email Marketing platform is the Campaign Wizard. After a few quick tutorials you can be whipping up campaigns faster than ever before.

Campaign Overview

Overview page provides you quick access to campaigns you are currently working on, and to reports of campaigns you recently sent

Overview Page

Define the Campaign and Sender

Creating a campaign is a simple 5 step process. Step 1 is to define your campaign details.

Define Campaign

Define Content for the campaign

Step 2 is to define content for your campaign. You could either upload your email template file or provide the url to the template to be imported. In GoToCampaign you could also define a text only email.

Define Content

Select Recipients for this campaign

Step 3 is to select recipients for the campaign via importing a CSV file of recipients or directly copy pasting the email addresses.

Select Recipients

Test Campaign

Step 4 is to test the campaign by providing a set of test email addresses.

Test Campaign

Schedule Campaign Delivery

The final step is to schedule your campaign for delivery.

Schedule Campaign Delivery

Campaign Snapshot Report

The campaign snapshot report provides a summary of the campaign.

Snapshot Report